Who is Anthony Chapman a.k.a. clickpictony a.k.a. Tony?

Anthony considers himself a renaissance man in training. He loves many elements of art and science and is always trying to further himself in the exploration of the many facets that both subjects entail. His passion for photography pushes him to always try new things and explore his limits. Anthony started shooting photography in 2001 and quickly found a love for the art form.

He soon obtained an AE-1 ("Linka") and shot many individual and self motivated projects through his first year of college at the University of Texas in Austin. In 2003, Anthony started shooting for the UT newspaper, The Daily Texan, and soon there after joined the school's yearbook staff. He continued to work for both groups until the beginning of 2005, when he decided to utilize the experience he gained and venture on his own in order to continue to improve his photography. Anthony soon thereafter purchased his 20D ("Vincent") and began work with his friend, roommate, and photographic partner Patrick to advance the skills of each through debate, brainstorming, and idea sharing; a form of learning that continues to this day.

Anthony now lives in Houston, and has continued his work here to help establish himself as a photographer, working mostly for the Pree Press Houston as well as continuing to shoot photos for friends and himself. The greater part of Anthony's photographic experiences lie in action/event photos (including band/gig photography) and portrait shots, though Anthony is always wanting to sharpen his expertise and broaden his proficiencies.

Feel free to contact me using the contact link above or at tony2116@gmail.com